RingClone is FSQS Certified for the Financial Services Sector

As part of our on-going commitment to our financial services clients, we have completed our stage 2 FSQS certification for our business process and practices. Our information is now available to financial services buying organizations using FSQS.

The FSQS accreditation is valued by a growing number of the purchasers in the financial industry as it indicates a successful audit process and demonstrates RingClone's commitment and capabilities to the sector. As the regulated environment in the financial sector becomes more complex, FSQS accreditation provides our customers and prospects with a standard and simple methodology for collecting and managing supplier compliance information.

Compliance Areas Covered:

  • Information Technology and Security
  • Operational risks
  • Financial
  • Anti-bribery/Fraud
  • Insurance and third-party certification
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Human rights and trafficking

Benefits to our Customers:

  • Immediate access to accurate, comprehensive and high-quality data
  • Reduced time and cost associated with pre-qualification, assurance and on-going compliance
  • More effective identification and management of supply chain risk and brand reputation
  • Enhanced management information reporting on key supplier measures
  • Ability to source creditable third parties
  • Validation of supplier data

What information is shared in the FSQS Community?

The vast majority of information collected by FSQS relates to the suppliers company and its policies and procedures, plus the products and services which are supplied. Some of the questions asked are specific to a particular customer and where there are answers to questions that have been provided, which are deemed to be specific to a particular customer, this data will only be shared with the applicable customer and will not be shared with any other bank or financial services organisation or that may join FSQS in future.